Lifestyle Newborn Session Preparation Guide

Thank you so much for choosing me to capture these precious memories for you. This guide is designed to prepare you and your baby for your upcoming session and to answer any questions you might have! If any of your questions went unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact me at


My home studio is located in Stittsville at 322 Eaglehead Crescent.

What to expect

A baby ready for good sleep will ensure an easier session with more variety! Sleeping babies are much easier to position and style. Following these key steps before your session will help your baby relax in preparation for being photographed.

1. Keep baby awake: Please do not let your baby sleep the hour before you leave for your session. Interact with them, feed them, give them a bath, etc. The sleepier the better!

2. Full Tummy: A hungry baby is a fussy baby, so make sure your baby is well fed just before you arrive. A feeding can be done at the beginning of the session if needed to get baby asleep. The easiest way to ensure a sleepy baby is the willingness to feed off and on between setups.

3. Simple clothing: Please dress your baby in clothing that can be easily removed when you arrive at my studio.

The key to a successful newborn session is patience! I am more than happy to take as many breaks as needed for feedings and cuddles to make your baby comfortable. I am very calm, patient, focused and friendly and I never ever rush a session! I love getting to know you and your kids during our time together.

I make the environment as calm and soothing as possible for your newborn with use of a space heater and white noise.


I provide all the props for your baby including neutral outfits, headbands, hats, wraps & blankets! I want your baby to be the main focus of your images, so I use props that are simple and organic to reflect my style.

What to bring

Pacifiers (if you are comfortable using one)
Baby wipes

What to wear

I strongly suggest wearing white/cream/beige/brown outfits for parents and siblings (PLEASE avoid bright colours and black). Textured fabrics are great but please no strong patterns. For mom, a simple flowy dress looks fantastic, otherwise a neutral shirt or sweater with leggings works great too. For dad, a neutral t-shirt or long sleeve shirt. Please no formal dress shirts. Brown khaki pants are ideal, otherwise blue/black jeans are fine too.

For siblings, a simple t-shirt, sweater or dress will look great. You are welcome to use any items from my client closet for your children! Outfits vary in sizes from 2-6. Head over to my Instagram stories highlight "Client Closet" to see all your options!


If siblings will be joining us for the session, there is a play area with plenty of toys to keep them entertained in-between shots.

After the session

Within 2-3 weeks of your session, you will receive your full photo collection through a secure online gallery. Galleries will remain online for 2 months, and then will be removed to make room for new sessions. Please ensure you have downloaded your gallery!

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