Ottawa Family Photographer | The Johnsons

We had a little sunset family photoshoot at my parent’s cottage last month! My little girl, Autumn, already 5 months old <3. She’s growing so fast, and I need to take out my big camera more often!!

LJP_20160724_0229 LJP_20160724_0093 LJP_20160724_0122BW LJP_20160724_0106 LJP_20160724_0109BW LJP_20160724_0142 LJP_20160724_0146BW LJP_20160724_0166 LJP_20160724_0167 LJP_20160724_0182BW LJP_20160724_0186 LJP_20160724_0200 LJP_20160724_0207 LJP_20160724_0239

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