Milestone Photography Ottawa | Autumn

Autumn hadn’t seen my studio since her newborn days, and now that she’s 7 months and sitting I brought her back down. She was a lot easier on me this time… thank goodness! I love capturing photos that will bring back memories, like how she sucks in her bottom lip, her curly tongue, and all those facial expressions. Oh my heart!

ljp_20161018_0506 ljp_20161018_0505bw ljp_20161018_0507 ljp_20161018_0509bw ljp_20161018_0517 ljp_20161018_0499 ljp_20161018_0503 ljp_20161018_0533 ljp_20161018_0537bw ljp_20161018_0538 ljp_20161018_0544bw ljp_20161018_0547 ljp_20161018_0553bw ljp_20161018_0556bw ljp_20161018_0557 ljp_20161018_0560bw ljp_20161020_0485 ljp_20161021_0453

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